It has been an amazing one year since SafeBLAST (BLAST) launched on May 01, 2021. It's amazing, not just because of all the project development we accomplished in a very short time, but also because of all the monumental challenges we had to overcome in a long bearish crypto winter.

SafeBLAST launched on PancakeSwap with NO presale or initial coin offering (ICO) and probably the Lowest MarketCap of all time for a project this size. There's nothing wrong with good ICOs but the decision was made to do without for two reasons. The first was because most ICOs were just plain scam and we've all been a victim of many. This is why it became an easy decision to do something different for the people and by the people. The second reason; there was no clear legislative rules about ICOs and it was best to avoid any future liability altogether. This means, SafeBLAST project will never end up in court to answer ICO questions.

SafeBLAST has been compared to some of the top projects in the space. However, SafeBLAST is the only project with no top 10 exchange listings yet. So, to have this much accomplishment in such a little time especially being underfunded, is simply remarkable. The grind is real and has been so from day one, which means, we had to overcome the little to no marketing budget obstacle by replacing it with a lot of sleepless nights.

Our slogan, "Faster Than A Rocket" is more evident than ever because we completed our roadmap, which was expanded twice, in our first year.

Among many things:

  1. SafeBLAST contract was Renounced right after a successful audit to ensure safety and longevity. It is one million percent RUGPROOF.
  2. We partnered with Mycointainer to give our users the ability to buy BLAST tokens with Visa, Mastercard and BTC.
  3. We are listed and actively tracked on all major platforms like Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Nomics and more. Our circulating supply is fully Verified by CMC.
  4. We recently launched our first P2E game with updates on the way and additional games to follow.
  5. Our token started on the Binance Smart Chain and now also available on the Ethereum Chain without creating additional tokens.
  6. SafeBLAST can be traded on multiple exchange platforms including centralized and decentralized platforms.
  7. Over 82% of SafeBLAST tokens are now out of circulation forever with additional automatic burns occurring on PancakeSwap everyday.
  8. SafeBLAST was among the first few to create utility in the deflationary space. More partnerships with payment service providers on the way.
  9. Our current token HODLer is now over one hundred thousand and counting. Our social platform is growing daily.
  10. We reached top 1 most viewed on CMC and top 1 trending on CG in both the USA and UK. Poocoin trending and most viewed. Multiple major news publications in both the crypto space and top mainstream media platforms.
  11. We completed over twenty AMA events in less than twelve months with more to come.
  12. NFTs, Merch Store, BLASTswap, Web app, BSCprojects plus BSCscan, Etherscan and TRUST wallet verification. These were just a few of the many tasks we accomplished in our first year.

When you start a crypto project expecting a pump for LAMBO in the first week or month, it may or may not happen. But the downside of such thinking, makes it difficult for you to withstand the storm in the years ahead especially if the "lambo pump" did not materialize in the first week or month. This is why we always preached longterm mentality from day one while also acknowledging the fact that anything is possible in the cryptoverse.


  1. Mistakes were made just like in any growing business but we learned from them because it would be foolish not to learn from our mistakes.
  2. We listed on too many Centralized exchanges (CEX) too early. The thought was that they will help us reach more users. Little did we know that some, not all CEX are just like pest. Their presentation is loaded with all the great marketing stuff you will get for your money but as soon as they get your money, they are off to chasing another newly launched project. The funds that these small projects need to stabilize in the early days, is sucked out of them and little to no promotional support is provided. This problem doesn’t seem to be common among top tier exchanges and definitely not all the lower tier exchanges are guilty of these kind of unconscionable behavior; just a select few.
  3. Scammers are everywhere and we’re not immune both as individuals and as a group. We have grown and studied as much of their tactics as possible to avoid becoming a repeat victim. People and promo scammers like "TheMarketingIdol" on Instagram prey on upcoming projects and steal from them. But we survived and we are here, stronger and more determined than ever unlike many others who were not so fortunate.

Crypto as a whole has major problems holding back its growth and mass adoption but development is not the main issue. The number one reason on my list is the lack of basic knowledge of why the space exists and what it is meant to provide to society.

The second biggest reason is lack of commitment to longevity. We have to love Blockchain in order to make crypto fun. But we also must not forget to treat each project with the respect it deserves as we would a business. Yes, it truly needs to be respected like a growing business, if we want to see more long term projects survive.

This is another big reason most crypto projects fall off the map a few weeks after launch. Lambo hype can only get you so far before reality kicks in because not everyone will have a Lamborghini in the end. However, we all can enjoy the much needed freedom, we so deeply desire, if we treat this new technology and opportunity with the respect it deserves.

Success will come early for some and for others it will come later. However, staying the course into the future will prove to be the secret sauce for everyone in the space. Come rain, come shine, we at SafeBLAST, will keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep marching on. Crypto is the future and we made the choice to choose the future; what will you choose?

Happy one year anniversary to our beloved SafeBLAST community. We are #BLASTstrong and #WeWillRise #SafeBLAST #BLAST

Your SafeBLAST Team



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SafeBLAST (BLAST) is a multi-chain UTILITY and a DEFLATIONARY token, which can also be used as direct payment for products and services.